Editha Is Not Just A Large Wasp or I Am Not A SelfIsh Princess

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today I read William D Howells' short story Editha. It is beautifully written and made me think.

Let me give you a spark notes version: Editha is a woman who has these ideals in her head that she wants to live out. She wants to be in a romantic novel. War breaks out. She is happy. How grand! Her love, George, is all war is horrible. Editha talks him into going. he dies. She wears black and get deathly ill. His mama is all its your fault, don't you wear black. Editha gets her portrait painted. the end. (I wrote my summary like a soap opera)

So I was thinking... What if people think I am like Editha? I too live this fantasy world acting out the part of my favorite genre. I don't want to end up having someone die for my dream world so I am making a disclaimer.


If kidnapped by a huge scary fire breathing dragon, I do not except you to charging on a horse to slay the dragon.

If I get pricked on my finger by a needle and end up falling asleep, you do not have to kiss me if you do not want to.

If I end up lost in the woods and invite myself into your house to clean and sleep, you do not have to invite me to stay. You may also call the police.

If I eat a poisonous apple, you do not have to carry my dead body back to your castle. You do not have to kiss my corpse.

If I lose my shoe, you do not have to run all over town to return my shoe to me. You also don't have to marry me.

If I change my appearance to chase after you, you don't have to kiss me.

If I leave to see my father, you don't have to get sick and die.

If I am kept captive in a tall tower, you don't have climb it to save me.

If you sing a song with me, you don't have to marry me.

However, if you want to do anything listed......... I won't stop you.

This Post Has A Cool Picture

Every once in a while, there is a day that turns your entire life around. Today is not that day for me. However, my day has been interesting. The sky and the sea are the same color and are merging in the horizon enabling birds to rest in mid-flight and ships to fly.  The idea of the future is choking down on me. Letting me feel its entire wait then flipping off of me.  To simplify, the future is bull leaping with me.

Bull leaping picturevborrowed lovingly from traveling class room 

So I'm just sitting here downing my sorrows in a can of sprite and thinking about the future.

The Adventure Of The Key

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This morning I returned from my 8 am class ready to shower and begin my day. I unlocked my door. Then I tried to remove the key but was unable. I then had to find an RA to tell me what to do. Sadly none of them answer their doors at 9:15 in the morning. So I was left to dash across campus to go the Dean of Students. This is how that went.

"Hey, my key is stuck is stuck in the door"

"We will have to call maintenance." He picks up the phone. "Hello, we have a key stuck in the door."

This is when the man looks at me. I can see the wheels turning in his head. The wheels stop and he decides that I am just some dumb blonde.  He continues with his phone call. "I am sure she is just not holding down the center button, should I send her away?"

This is when I get upset and speak up, "I am holding down the center button. I have been going to this school for three years and I know how to open a door."


"Maintenance will be by shortly." He says.

So I trot back to my room and wait. The maintenance man shows up, looks at me and presses the button. The key is still stuck. He holds a screwdriver against the button. The key is still stuck.

"This hasn't happened before."The maintenance man said. The man went on to preform magic and was finally able to remove the key from the lock.  He turned the key over and turned to me, "Your key is bent you will have to get a new one."

He then left.

The Dean of Students told me I might have to wait 24 hours to get a new key but I ended up waiting only 30 minutes.

And that is the story of how a ket stole an hour out of my day.

Death Caused By Flashing Bracelet

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Any moment your life can turn into a horror movie, all you have to do is provide the opportunity. It can be as simple as arriving in a new to town or walking down a dark hallway. I made such a mistake last night. I didn’t mean to do it. It was a complete accident. I had to turn off the lights so I could sleep. The Christmas lights that I can unplug from my bed were not working so I would have to turn off my lights and walk all the way across the room in the dark. I knew this would cause me to be eaten by the monsters that live behind the curtains and under my bed so I had to find a solution. The solution that I picked was a blue light up bracelet. You might think this is a good choice, but it was the worse decision of my life. This bracelet flashed. Flashing lights is suspenseful. You know that something is going to attack when the lights start flickering. I walked right into a horror movie death. I am so ashamed. 

Magic Is For Villains Only

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have reached the point in my life when I just have to face it. I just have to accept it. I just have to learn to deal with the fact that I do not have nor will I be receiving magic powers. I do not know why this is so hard to face, no other Disney Princess has magic powers.

No magic powers are for villains only. I can sit in class and try to make the folder with test in them elevate but it just won't happen, because only evil character can use magic, and I am not evil. I am a Disney Princess.

This is one problem about the genre that my life falls into. Magic is super cool. Why should Harry Potter and everyone at Miss Crackle's Academy have all the fun.

Disney correct this please.

Midnight Musing on Birds

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I realize there has been a lot of post about birds recently and that is because I love them. I love Chicken Little, Peeps, demon geese, song birds, and ostriches. I love the fact that they can sing, they can fly and they always wear feathers. I know not all birds can do all three but at least they all wear feathers. Birds are almost perfect. Their one flaw is their lack of dance. Some might agree that flight is a form of dance. I say no. Flight is an art but it is like walking, close but not right. Birds, work on dancing. Thanks.

When Did Math Get So Difficult?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So my teacher doesn't teach instead he assigns homework and I have to figure out what is going on. Which leads me ask the following questions:

What is a log?

 My english background tells me a log is a piece of wood. Logging is cutting down trees in a forest. A ship has a logbook which is an record of a voyage. One can log in to facebook. But how does any of this relate to math?

what is e?

eeee  is a noise for when you see a mouse, not for a math problem.

These questions have lead me to write a letter to Math.

Dear Math,

Please take these silly new symbols away and bring back x and pie.

Love Always,

The Dangerous World Of Thinking

So I have been thinking about geese and how a goose would make the perfect demon assassin. When called to kill someone, it's eyes will flame up, it will start running, and it will peck its victim to death. Then when they are done they could blend into the geese population.

What makes killer geese so scary is human couldn't kill these evil birds. They are protected under law. Plus they are everywhere so evil geese could attack anywhere. You cannot hide. You will never be safe.

Bloop a bloop a bloop

I am a bit afraid to look outside my window right now. There is a squishy sound that sounds like bloop a bloop a bloop. Even though I have never heard that sound before, I know what it is. It could only be an octopus rampaging campus drive. Looking out the window to verify this would only direct the angry octopus's attention, then the angry rampaging octopus will attack me. The fact that I live on the ground level would secure my fate as octopus food in this attack. So in order to save my life I will be the only person on campus to not see the rampaging octopus of 2011.

Codeword? Hail

Monday, April 4, 2011

So me and boyfriend went to Milwaukee to go to spend the day in the city. My boyfriend was driving.
Paying attention to the road like a safe driver while someone who won't be name was singing like a crazy person
THEN SUDDENLY IT STARTS HAILING. Boyfriend was nice enough to let me put my hands outside the moving vehicle to try and catch some hail. I ended up giving up because I was being pelted with hail from outside. It slightly hurt.
Hail on the sunroof
Boyfriend must have thought that being pelted with hail was funny because he decided to open the sunroof. More hail fell in and it was cold.

This is lots of hail on the ground where it belongs, instead of being in a car
Then we got out and we had to walk on these huge dipping dots from the sky. We ate some food and then went to The Milwaukee Public Museum. The museum had butterflies.

My favorite butterfly
One butterfly was crazy and could not decided where he wanted to go or where he wanted to land. I believe I would be exactly like that if I was given wings.

Me and a butterfly that hasn't grown its wings yet
Then I got to play in an area where they shrink you down and you get to run around really tall grass.

The museum also had music playing from all over the world. I found this amazing and took the opportunity to dance. This caused boyfriend to be slightly embarrassed and to have a HUGE headache.

We then ate at a place that let you litter peanut shells on the floor and saw a movie, where I lost his wallet. But that is a story for another day.

Evidence In The Case Of The Disney Princess

Disney Princess are known for their singing, dancing and grace. It is no accident that I sing and dance. I took ballet when I was little and that grace has remained with me my entire life. Indeed, I fall on my face and spill water on my lap with grace. If I can do these simple task with grace just wait until a task that actually requires grace comes my way.

I dance whenever I hear music no matter my location or who is watching. Embarrass myself? I think not. Those who are embarrassed are those with me but are too timid to join in. I don't dance in any one style, instead I let the music speak to me. Although if I am ever called to display my waltzing skills I could, because I am a Disney Princess. (And I took lessons over the summer)

I also sing. This, like dancing, I do anytime and anyplace. Whenever the need for song occurs, I am there with relief. I know a large variety of songs and I also make songs up to fit occasions.

I Like Princess Costumes 
Disney please see that I am truly a Princess and give me what is rightfully mine. A movie. Please?


Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love April. It is a month when life is reborn from the winter, but more importantly it is when I can start to wear dresses again and not die of hypothermia. It also starts off with April fools day, which I do not like. I am practically a rabbit and when I am startled I have a heart attack. But Aprils fools day is a day to celebrate fools, which are jesters, which brings to mind the jesters hat. I am all for the celebration of hats, no matter the type.

There are so many things about April thats makes me excited. April is the time the tulips blossom in the Netherlands, which is something I really want to see. I also want to be in Greece for Rouketopolemos. It is an event where two rival churches shoot thousands of homemade rockets at each other attempting to hit the other churches bell tower. The first time I was in london was in April. I was there for St. George's Day, which really isn't celebrated but I was also in London for the Queen's birthday, which was pretty awesome.

Plus Easter is in April this year. Bring on Easter dresses, bunnies, smashing eggs together, and peeps!

Bunny Wuv!

Chicken Little Endorses This Message

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sky IS Falling
The sky and Chicken Little have merged during the event 
 Today is one of those days when I can understand Chicken Little thinking the sky is going to fall. The sky is grey and it feels like rain. It just feels heavy and heavy things tend to fall. It Is a sad way to start April, which I believe is a cheery month. In fact if Chicken Little were to run up to me right now and tell me that the sky is falling, I would believe him. I would also take the fact that I can understand a chicken as proof that I am a Disney Princess.
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