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Monday, April 4, 2011

So me and boyfriend went to Milwaukee to go to spend the day in the city. My boyfriend was driving.
Paying attention to the road like a safe driver while someone who won't be name was singing like a crazy person
THEN SUDDENLY IT STARTS HAILING. Boyfriend was nice enough to let me put my hands outside the moving vehicle to try and catch some hail. I ended up giving up because I was being pelted with hail from outside. It slightly hurt.
Hail on the sunroof
Boyfriend must have thought that being pelted with hail was funny because he decided to open the sunroof. More hail fell in and it was cold.

This is lots of hail on the ground where it belongs, instead of being in a car
Then we got out and we had to walk on these huge dipping dots from the sky. We ate some food and then went to The Milwaukee Public Museum. The museum had butterflies.

My favorite butterfly
One butterfly was crazy and could not decided where he wanted to go or where he wanted to land. I believe I would be exactly like that if I was given wings.

Me and a butterfly that hasn't grown its wings yet
Then I got to play in an area where they shrink you down and you get to run around really tall grass.

The museum also had music playing from all over the world. I found this amazing and took the opportunity to dance. This caused boyfriend to be slightly embarrassed and to have a HUGE headache.

We then ate at a place that let you litter peanut shells on the floor and saw a movie, where I lost his wallet. But that is a story for another day.

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