Proof That Im A Disney Princess

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Animals love Disney Princesses. The Beast fell in love with Belle. Snow White had animals help her clean dishes and Aurora has many woodland animals friends to listen to her sing. Cinderella was friends with mice. and Arial's best friend was a fish. Rapunzel's companion was a chameleon and she also befriended the guard's horse. Then there is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog who turned into a frog and married a frog. 
This masterpiece was colored by me on my phone. Fear my talent.

Animals love me. Crazy cats and bunnies that don't like other people will calmly let me hold them. I have had untrained parakeets perch on my finger. Soon after I moved to Florida, a mocking bird made its nest outside my window.  The mockingbird sang to me as soon as the sun started to rise and all through the day. Ducks will fly over to where I stand and eat out of my hand. (I am positive that the fact that I have food has nothing to do with why thet visit me.)
A baby duck that waddled towards me. (Not given bread)

I am also the Queen of the Squirrels. I know this because last week as I was walking to class one ran up to me and paused. The squirrel then lowered its front to paws causing it to bow towards me. Squirrels only bow to their queen. That's a fact.

A squirrel that is depressed because a screen separates us.  

Animals love Disney Princesses. Animals love me. Therefore I am a Disney Princess

Disney, I am waiting for my movie.

Human Statues Are Complicated

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I freak out when I see a mail box out of the corner of my eye and think it's a person. Then I look back and it's a mail box and everything is ok. So what I really don't need is mail boxes looking like people, or people statues randomly placed around town. However several times during my existence, the cities that I have live in decided to put human statues all around town. I end up staring at these thing for them to move. Then I start staring at real people who are not moving thinking they are statues. 

Not Alive

I'm not saying I stand there for ten minutes looking at people and statues trying to figure out if they are real. It's more like 8 seconds. Not clocks of time, but longer than necessary for most people. It is certainly long enough to make non statues think something is wrong with me for staring at them.

To make things even stranger for my mind the city once brought in Dr. Seuss statues and I see this...

Not Alive

I don't know if I should be excited for free food, jealous of its hat, or freaked out by not being to identify the creature I see. 

The worse thing is this new trend. This trend of people pretending to be statues. No longer does it take eight seconds to my mind to figure out what's going on. It has no clue. What is that smudge of make up? Why isn't it breathing? If I walk by will it grab me and eat me? Why would some one want to do this to my mind. It is cruel.

Alive and Creepy 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Salvador Dali  don quixote a la tete qui eclate

This guy is too 

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