Death Caused By Flashing Bracelet

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Any moment your life can turn into a horror movie, all you have to do is provide the opportunity. It can be as simple as arriving in a new to town or walking down a dark hallway. I made such a mistake last night. I didn’t mean to do it. It was a complete accident. I had to turn off the lights so I could sleep. The Christmas lights that I can unplug from my bed were not working so I would have to turn off my lights and walk all the way across the room in the dark. I knew this would cause me to be eaten by the monsters that live behind the curtains and under my bed so I had to find a solution. The solution that I picked was a blue light up bracelet. You might think this is a good choice, but it was the worse decision of my life. This bracelet flashed. Flashing lights is suspenseful. You know that something is going to attack when the lights start flickering. I walked right into a horror movie death. I am so ashamed. 

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