Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love April. It is a month when life is reborn from the winter, but more importantly it is when I can start to wear dresses again and not die of hypothermia. It also starts off with April fools day, which I do not like. I am practically a rabbit and when I am startled I have a heart attack. But Aprils fools day is a day to celebrate fools, which are jesters, which brings to mind the jesters hat. I am all for the celebration of hats, no matter the type.

There are so many things about April thats makes me excited. April is the time the tulips blossom in the Netherlands, which is something I really want to see. I also want to be in Greece for Rouketopolemos. It is an event where two rival churches shoot thousands of homemade rockets at each other attempting to hit the other churches bell tower. The first time I was in london was in April. I was there for St. George's Day, which really isn't celebrated but I was also in London for the Queen's birthday, which was pretty awesome.

Plus Easter is in April this year. Bring on Easter dresses, bunnies, smashing eggs together, and peeps!

Bunny Wuv!

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Gina said...

and... My Birthday is in April, which is the main reason why April is a great month!

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