Evidence In The Case Of The Disney Princess

Monday, April 4, 2011

Disney Princess are known for their singing, dancing and grace. It is no accident that I sing and dance. I took ballet when I was little and that grace has remained with me my entire life. Indeed, I fall on my face and spill water on my lap with grace. If I can do these simple task with grace just wait until a task that actually requires grace comes my way.

I dance whenever I hear music no matter my location or who is watching. Embarrass myself? I think not. Those who are embarrassed are those with me but are too timid to join in. I don't dance in any one style, instead I let the music speak to me. Although if I am ever called to display my waltzing skills I could, because I am a Disney Princess. (And I took lessons over the summer)

I also sing. This, like dancing, I do anytime and anyplace. Whenever the need for song occurs, I am there with relief. I know a large variety of songs and I also make songs up to fit occasions.

I Like Princess Costumes 
Disney please see that I am truly a Princess and give me what is rightfully mine. A movie. Please?

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