Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I mentioned how the beast in the closet gave me a gash that reached over three inches in length on my inner elbow yesterday. Well it is still bleeding. sooooooo......

Tomato juice
      Tomatos juice
I am pouring tomato juice
on my wound
on my blood
making it look really bad.

You Are All Welcome

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today I was finally promoted to the rank of warrior princess. Several tasked needed to be completed before I got this special promotion. The first task was to use tools an finally assemble my bed. This task was the easiest because it required me to look within myself and find strength- which is much easier than facing a foe. This task was completed quickly and I was left to face my second task- the monster in the closet. This monster is the fiercest one I have ever heard of - the monster that lives in my closet. I lured it out and wrestled it down the stair. This battle left me with a burning injury - a slash inside my elbow exceeding three inches in length. The third task was to kill a spider that crawled onto my dinner.

You should feel safer now that I am the reigning warrior princess. You are welcome.

hope your day was just as eventful!

The snake

The year changes and it is time for luck to change. Fate might of had to be rewritten, but finally the stars align. Life is like clockwork with tired eyes and hiding on spinny chairs. It might take take time and dizzying mazes, still life works out.
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