ME Plants a Tree

Monday, June 20, 2011

 I love the earth. It gives me food and entertainment. I decided to give back to the green ball we call Earth by planting a tree. I then decided no... let's plant two trees. So I went to the store and bought two trees. I brought the trees home and put them in the garage.

I also bought a tomato plant but that is not a part of this story.

I then thought, "Trees belong in the ground, not in a garage." So I had to carry the trees over to the grass. Although the tree doesn't look that big, It is almost as tall as I am. This caused me to look ridiculous when carrying the tree.

This tree is a lemon tree and when it grows into a big tree, it shall feed my lemon addiction 

Then it was time to carry the smaller tree. My logical mind told me this tree would be easier to carry. In reality the small tree fought me.

The innocent looking lime tree.

The small tree grew thorns and cut me with every moved I made. This tree did not want to be carried. despite the small tree's resistance, I managed to get both the trees over to the where they where going to be planted.

Then I took a break to feed the ducks. 

But then it was back to work digging holes. Soon I had both trees in the ground.

Now I can proudly say I planted a tree.

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