When In Rome

Monday, June 13, 2011

When I was in Rome, I ended up seeing the movie When In Rome. In the movie, there is a fountain of love which people throw coins into. I was determined to do the same. I asked for directions in my best Italian and was directed to every part of the city. Finally I turned to google and found the fountain of love doesn't exist. 

I was crushed. How could they not have a fountain of love? How was I going to ensure my romantic future for only twenty five cents now?

Because the movie decided to lie to its viewers and Rome didn't feel the need to correct the situation, I am stuck in the real world and have to make my own romantic destiny. This stinks because I am not a god and cannot see the outcome of my choices and because I make really poor choices.

If anyone knows of an fountain, portal, or magic spell that will give someone more capable the responsibility of controlling my romantic destiny, please let me know. 

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Anonymous said...

it is a computer animation from the fontana di trevi ( aphrodite) plus the shell in the fountain of the bees

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