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Saturday, September 10, 2011

So what's with all the post recently? 

Answer One.
In the last two week I have slept less than five hours. Normally I sleep but every now and then catch this sleeplessness and I just can't sleep. When that happens I do this stuff. Then I search the internet. Finally I feel like I should talk to someone. But normal people sleep. So I blog and schedule the post to publish at a normal human time. Lately I don't care. I bet you can tell. I need sleep.

Answer Two.
Thesis and International Relations require a lot of reading about some not so nice stuff. To offset reading about starvation and protesting, I read an article about how the American crocodile has African DNA or the onion. Then I feel like I have to share my findings. So there ya go. Information for ya'll and I don't have to annoy my facebook friend.

I have to roll out of bed in less than four hours to go run 13 miles.

Here is some news for you...

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