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Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is my I haven't slept in a week an a half post. So no effort. To prove my lack of effort. Here is a video

Now some pictures taken at the boston zoo with no information because thats how this post is gonna roll

This is an awesome bird

chill monkey

Its a hippopotamus with no noodles on its back, no noodles on its back. This pygmy hippo lacked noodles and didn't sing.

I can sing the chorus in German. Cause I rock


sleepy kitty

Ok. So I am quite sure that this is the stork that dropped me off when I was little and that is why I am so awesome. 

This is a bat. Bats are awesome. Bats are amazing. I could give you some facts why but that would break my no effort rule. But they are third on my reincarnation list.


Not sure what this is but I want to be its friend.

Pink Birds

And to end this effortless horrible post I will say I need sleep 

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