Yoga and Me

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This week I went to yoga every single day.



What if I told you that every other day I went twice a day? 

Impressed now?

Thats what I have been doing this week. A whole lot of yoga. I love yoga. It stretches you out and relaxes you while working out your ENTIRE body. Plus it is basically grown up simon says. Unlike simon says, you always win. Which is good. Cause I ALWAYS lost at simon says. 

So I love yoga... Which leads to my story.

So my yoga instructor said you can not grow while rooted in fantasy. I am completely rooted in fantasy. In a single class, I imagined I was a summa wrestler, a bank robber, and a ninja. But the idea of not being able to grow in fantasy land won't leave me alone.... Is this why everyone thinks I am twelve?

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