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Friday, August 5, 2011

 This princess took a break from her busy life of busyness to take a trip to the zoo. The zoo give me a chance to bond with animals - an essential Disney Princess quality.

The zoo closest to my house is the Naples Zoo. It is full of animals and plants but still small enough that it is not overwhelming. Which is good, because I have a tendency to wonder off and get left places. Stragglers at zoos get feed to the animals. Its true. I was told many years ago when I was a little girl.

My favorite animals to see are the little Wallabies. I make sure to stop by and see them every visit. The are playful things that hop around their exhibit when there are not sleeping.I was lucky enough to have one wallaby hop towards me to have its picture taken. I think that is a sign that we are becoming friends.

Across from the wallabies are two bears.  I know bears are wild, dangerous, and could kill me if they please, but I cannot look at them without thinking of Paddington and Pooh. When they climb in little pools, like this bear did, it is easy to imagine them as a part of your family. But then I remember these are not teddy bears, nor are they from a retirement center in darkest Peru.

In the zoo, the tiny zoo the lion sleeps today.

The weather was extremely hot. I believe over 100. So most of the animals were inactive. But it made for some interesting photos.

Thats me feeding a giraffe I always have wondered what it would be like to be that tall, but then the image of Alice eating the cake and her necking growing extremely long.

The porcupine meet me for the first time. Normally  he is asleep when I visit but not today. I predict we will be great friends and visit each other often.

The coyote or a cute kitten eater. Its pretty awesome
I am not exactly sure what this animal is. It is either a monkey or not a monkey. Which is true of everything on Earth. Next time you see an object or creature ask yourself "is this a monkey, or is this not a monkey?"

This is a monkey and it is sticking its tongue out at you. You can either be offended or stick your tongue out back. Which will you choose?

When I said the wallabies where my favorite animal at the zoo, I wasn't lying. But I wasn't telling the exact truth. Please forgive my unprincess like behavior I will try to improve.

When I saw the ocelot, It was love at first sight. I was sure we would be friends and wanted one as a pet.

However, animals that are going extinct because of fur coats are not usually allowed to be household pets.

Lesson from this story fur is bad.

Also this animal hunts animals that are bigger than me. I don't think that makes for a great relationship. Food prey relationships just don't work out. Look at Finding Nemo. But the cat is cute.

Plus wild animals belong in the wild and domesticated animals such as humans belong in homes.  Its kind of like Romeo and Juliet. Cross those lines and everyone dies.

After moving on from the hopes that the ocelot and me were going to be friends, I found out this beautiful cat already had a human friend.
Apparently this cat only has room in its life for one human friend. Fine. Whatever. I am so over it. I have the wallaby

Oh in case you wanted a bit of trivia, the genius that is Salvador Dali had a pet ocelot. They sailed the ocean together. Dali's life is a surreal as his art.

That was my trip to the zoo. I didn't get to see the snakes this trip. Maybe next trip. I was also told you can see a scorpion. So fingers crossed that next trip I get to see that. I would like to see one before I start living among them.

I love the zoo. I feel almost like I am in One Hundred Acre Wood. I get to visit each animal in their home and say hello. They can either respond back or ignore me but still its an adventure.

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