Fighting Sleepiness?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Need to stay awake for a couple of hours? Need to stay awake all night? We have all been there. Maybe we were writing a paper due the next day, fighting jet lag, or maybe we are in some horror movie where if you sleep you die. I think there is a horror movie like that out there..... but I am not allowed to watch those types of movies. Anyways I have some tips on staying awake without caffeine.

Tip One. Keep moving. If you are writing a paper take a walk down the hall at least once every thirty minutes. If you are not confined to a desk for most of your time; wonder around the city, your room, your house, whatever.

Tip Two. Snack on healthy foods like celery or apples. It gives you energy.

Tip three. Bright lights. Pretend you are in a Vegas Casino and turn every light on. Close all the windows. This throws off your internal clock.

Tip Four. Pretend to be a super spy. Run around, hid behind chairs, and practice your ninja roll. Get your adrenaline pumping.

Super Spy Music = Muse- Time Is Running Out

Tip Five. Music. Upbeat. Pop. Music.

My playlist

Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song

Kerli - Army of Love

Ke$ha - Blow (My Favorite Music Video Ever)

Lilly Allen - Not Fair

Aly & Aj - Potential Breakup Song

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