This Princess Did A Good Thing Today (The Story Of ME Donating Blood)

Monday, May 2, 2011

There are not many times in my life where I can say really changed some ones life, but today I did. I voluntarily left my fantasy world of books, movies, and the waves to let a stranger stick me with a needle. twice.

 I have never given blood before, although I have tried countless times. I usually get disqualified by weight. When I do weigh enough, my iron is too low. But today, they me let give blood.

I didn't know what to expect besides the dreaded finger prick. Then maybe getting told my iron is to low. But today they lady looked at me and said your iron just passed. Leading to more tests to past. They take your temperature and use the cuff thing that gets super puffy. They also ask a billion questions about where you have traveled to.

Then they list everything that can happen to you. Did you know what can happen to you if you give blood? Convulsions. I didn't know what they were. The nurse had to explained it to me. Its passing out and having a mini seizure. Are you sure you want to give blood? Yes.

Yippee I passed and they walked me to a bed, colored my arm yellow and poked another whole in my body and blood went into a plastic bag and went off to be sorted somewhere else.

So I could save up to three lives today and maybe feed a hungry vampire. Either way I did something good.

What have you done today?

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