The No Name Panda drama

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I was leaving Wisconsin. Not forever but for six weeks. But I was leaving. The cold killed my soul and I couldn't survive anymore. I packed up a bag of laundry to be done and a book bag for my adventure.

The next day I started looking for No Name Panda and he was no where to be found. I cleaned my entire dorm. Spotless. But No Name Panda was not to be found. So I packed my car and went forward looking for adventure. Yet, my mind could rest—where was No Name Panda.I started to become fearful. Did I leave him in a class, in a final, or at a study group? I drove away from Wisconsin with a heavy heart. Two hours later I make a stop in Illinois to wash clothing and bedding. All of the sudden out of my laundry bag pops No Named Panda.

Now I know I should punish No Name Panda for hiding from me. I was so worried. But I can't. I am so happy to see him that I am rewarding him by taking him to Florida with me.

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