Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I lost my E-reader, which might not sound like a huge problem, but after staring at my bookshelf for over forty minutes I realized what I wanted to read was on the E-reader. Almost all my books are, because i can get a book within a minute instead of having to go out and buy one. Yet when I lose it- and I always do- I have nothing to read. I tried to explain my problem to the man waiting for the bus but he only responded with that's life.

I wanted to argue that's not life, but he left on his bus. Life is no one moving when the light turns green, empty water bottles littering the bedroom floor, and eating dry cereal - not because you dont feel like cooking but for the joy of the cereal itself. I thought all this to myself as I walked home. I wanted to tell someone- anyone- and I passed people on the street, but I wasn't sure they were real. So I kept my mouth shut and hummed a merry song because I thought it would make them upset.

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