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Saturday, February 11, 2012

If there is one thing I hate it is getting up early. Add running to that and I am in hell. However, this my mothers idea of bonding and she drags me out of bed and into the cold Florida morning air to run three miles. If I am waking up early, to running and be in the cold, I better get a metal.
My stomach protests to this torture. I feel like I am going to puke. I slow down to a walk and think, "pancakes please stay down."
My mother finds this the time to yell at me for being out of shape. She also reminds me I promised to work out.
I keep on insisting that I do work out.
She doesn't believe me and tells me she isn't signing me up for races anymore.
Not fair. You can't judge me in the morning if I don't have a metal to win.
I begin to wish that I brought my iPod. Luckily the house is in view.
I return home and say I have to practice some yoga. My mom says she will join. Recently I have been adding some sit ups and push ups to my daily yoga practice. This may or may not be related to me leaving the girl with the dragon tattoo feeling pudgy. Lol. I'm ridiculous. Anyways I totally can out push up my mother. I can also out sit up her and my yoga poses have excellent form.
Plus if we run at night I could totally kick her behind.
Sorry for the rant

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