Princess Update

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear you,

You might have been wondering what I have been doing since I last updated. Maybe you were not wondering. But I am going to tell you anyways.

I finished two summer classes. I wrote 2,000 words a week on works by Milton, Chaucer, and George Hurbert. I took tests on grammer and listened to lectures. Even though I spent eight hours a week commuting to classes, I passed with flying colors.

I drove to Baltimore and flew to Florida to see family.

I cooked food. yummy yummy food. Plus I ate dozens of waffles.

I bought a strawberry plant.

I watched Beauty and The Beast (1946). This movie was magical. I can't blame disney for being inspired by this film. But this movie presented a problem, Beauty and the Beast fly away in the end. Disney Princesses cannot fly. So, to inspire a Disney movie all I have to do is learn to fly. Silly Disney, I can't fly. Not fair.

I watched the old spice battle. It made me happy.

That is what I have been doing.


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